Clara – Dance Installation

Clara is an experimental solo that talks about a woman’s sexuality through her relationship with her vulva. This piece unites elements of dance, performance and Video Art. More than twenty women of different ages and cultures have contributed their experiences, feelings and fears to bring to the stage Clara, a woman of all times.


A production by Sara Blasco and Alessandro De Matteis

Art direction, concept, choreography, performance: Sara Blasco
Concept, photography, Videomaking & Video Art: Alessandro De Matteis
Music editing: Alessandro De Matteis
Dramaturgical supervision: Andrea Bleikamp & Jorge Picó
Management: Anika Bendel


Funded by: Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of NRW.

In cooperation with: TanzFaktur and tanz.tausch – dance and performance festival 2018 in the framework of „Junge Talente“.