TPC- The Perfect Clone

Who are we really? What is real? Do we control our virtual identities or do they control us? TPC is a journey to the question of what constitutes our personality and identity in both analog and virtual life. In search of our true identity we experience the contradictions between desire and being, creator and creation, control and loss of control – log in with us.

TPC- The Perfect Clone is an experimental dance performance with holograms

A production by Sara Blasco, co-produced by WEHR51



Artistic direction & concept: Sara Blasco
Choreography: Sara Blasco in collaboration with Melli Müller & Lisa Hellmich
Dance: Melli Müller, Lisa Hellmich & Sara Blasco
Dramaturgy: WEHR51
Holograms: Tobias Zimmermann
Photo & Video:Alessandro De Matteis
Stage design:Tobias Zimmermann & Jan Kutsche
Music: Alessandro De Matteis & Califato 3⁄4 „Critto de la navaja“
Lighting design: Jan Kutsche
Costume: Paula Noller
Make up & Hair: MINSKA
Assistance: Lisa Hellmich
Project management: Anika Bendel
P & Ö: Mechtild Tellmann

Funded: Fonds Darstellende Künste aus Mitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien und Kulturamt der Stadt Köln

Support: tanz.tausch- tanz und performance festival und Tanzfaktur

Media cooperation: rausgegan/dringeblieben