photo by Alessandro De Matteis


Y ahora tú!

The piece seeks to discuss the social, economic and political implications of the “desahucios” (house evictions) in Spain. In the wake of the economic crisis in Spain, following the burst of the real estate bubble, many families weren’t able to continue paying their bank loans and mortgages. In the consequence many families got evicted and forced out of their homes in the years of 2008-2014. Estimates are, that between 2008 and end of 2012, 171.110 evictions have taken place in Spain.

This situation resulted in serious social problems and conflicts, inside of the families affected as well as inside Spanish society. Neighbourhoods and families fell victim to the practice of forced evictions and a significant rise in suicides could be observed among those affected by the evictions. As a reaction to this situation an increasingly successful citizens movement formed, which not only sought to fight against the consequences of the evictions but also against the praxis of forced evictions itself.


Photo Alessandro de Matteis
Photo Alessandro de Matteis
Photo Alessandro De Matteis