photo by Alessandro De Matteis



FRACTURA is a bridge from Colombia/South America to Germany/Europe. A journey through the mental and physical injuries of an emigrated dancer who, despite the pain, cannot stop dancing! Biographical ruptures, injuries, scars, the struggle for identity and the role as a woman, perfection of the dance and repeated rebellions. Mentally and physically...

We all know it: first the pain twitches the body, and after the shock, the fear that something will remain of this injury, something that cannot be repaired, something that the body does not forgive and which one must deal with from now on. One consults the doctor to get certainty and to invoke healing.

And then there are two worlds colliding: One is factually precise with clear information, cool measurements and sharp images. The other is concerned with the integrity of the surface, the unrestricted mobility and life. In FRACTURA these two perspectives are juxtaposed: The life story of Bibiana Jiménez, closely interwoven with her dancing career and migration history, is shown in x-rays, live drawings by the Norwegian artist Katarina Caspersen and formerly danced parts. Again and again the comparison with today is made: missed chances, great moments of happiness and solos, which gain in intensity through years of experience of the body and lead to touching moments.

A struggle between the factual and factual enumerations and the desire to defy transience with its decay and break-up begins - as spectators we see both sides. An emotional imbalance in which the dancing body can only lose while the human being makes an impressive plea against self-abandonment.

Director/Concept: Andrea Bleikamp

Dance/Choreography: Bibiana Jiménez 

Dramaturgy/text: Rosi Ulrich 

Co-Choreography: Sara Blasco Gutiérrez

 Equipment: Claus Stump / Paula Noller 

Live drawing: Katarina Caspersen 

Video: Jens Standke 

Music: Klangwart

Music arrangement: Sara Blasco Gutiérrez

Voices: Lucia Schulz, Asta Nechajute, Silvia Petrova, Sara Blasco Gutiérrez, Katarina Caspersen 

Lighting: Jan Wiesbrock / Peter Behle 

Technology: Jens Kuklik

Assistant director: Gina Bensch 

Photos: Claus Stump 

PR: mechtild tellmann culture management ÖA: neurohr & andrä GbR